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Carina & Ritabelle

Highlights of your relationship: We love serving the community! Ritabelle is a physician at a community health center and is also in the Navy Reserves. Carina is a retired social worker.

Do you have other children?: No

Description of relationships with family and friends: We promise that your child will definitely be surrounded by an extremely loving family, as we have family and good friends with very young children who await the chance to play with their new baby cousin.

Ritabelle's hobbies and interests: Painting, singing, music, diving

Carina's hobbies and interests: Gardening, cooking, pets, traveling

Message to birth mother/parents: ALOHA and MAHALO. This simple phrase conveys a deep and powerful gratitude. We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this choice must be for you, putting the best interests of a child above all else. You truly are a selfless and courageous person. We want to begin by thanking you for loving your unborn child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him or her. We already so love the child that we are waiting for. We are prepared and committed to give this child all the best life has to offer and have the strength, determination and resources to do so. We will encourage their dreams, let their light shine brightly, and create a life for this child that will be your legacy.

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