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Jessica & Joseph

Highlights of your relationship: We started dating in high school and got married in 2005. We love how much life God has allowed us to have with one another. We enjoy being active and doing things together.

Do you have other children?: Yes

If so, how many?: 2

Description of relationships with family and friends: Friends and family are an important part of our lives. We have a very close church family who supports each other in all areas of life. We meet together weekly for meals, Bible study, and fun. We are close to Jessica's family and get to visit with them frequently. Even though our family is across the ocean, we keep in close contact through video chat, phone calls, and pictures.

Jessica's hobbies and interests: Jessica enjoys reading, dancing, musical theater, and hiking with her family.

Joseph's hobbies and interests: Joe enjoys running, math, yard work, and playing computer games.

Message to birth mother/parents: Children have always been an important part of our lives and we appreciate the privilege of being parents. We know that God has a plan for us to grow our family and we pray for that opportunity daily. We are excited for the opportunity to adopt again. As parents, we offer a loving home that fosters creativity and a joy of learning. We are both teachers and eduction is very important to us. We hope that our parenting will produce a good citizen who loves God. We plan to do this through our own example by treating everyone with respect, being responsible, and sharing God's love. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile.

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