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Karri & Vijak

Highlights of your relationship: We met through mutual friends at the hospital on Maui where we both worked. Karri, as a nurse on the medical surgical floor and Vijak, a doctor in the Emergency Department. We both grew up in the Chicago area, but met after moving to Maui. We had a connection, likely due to our similar Midwest upbringing and common interests such as holidays, singing Christmas carols, and all things Chicago. We started out as friends, hiking, surfing, and attending holiday events together which developed into a lasting relationship. We dated for several years before getting married in 2012 and just celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year. Over the years our family has grown to include two playful Boxer dogs and a sweet cat.

Do you have other children?: No

Description of relationships with family and friends: Karri has several family members that live on Maui, including Karri's mother, stepfather, and grandmother.  Karri's sister lives in Chicago, although just spent the past few months on Maui with us. Karri's brother has lived in Seattle for the last 20 years and her father lives in Mississippi where he retired about 20 years ago. Vijak's parents live on Oahu and visit often. Whether we travel to the mainland, Thailand, or have family come out here, we see them frequently.  We live in a wonderful neighborhood on Maui among many great families who have become our friends. Our community is tight-knit and always there for one another.

Karri's hobbies and interests: Traveling, hiking, gardening, playing with the dogs and cat, baking and decorating for the holidays. She also loves stand up paddling and spending time at the beach.

Vijak's hobbies and interests: Exploring new places, golfing, playing the ukulele, running, cooking, and watcing ScfiFi and adventure movies. Vijak also enjoys working on home improvement projects.  Vijak loves football and participating in his Fantasy Football League.  We both enjoy watching baseball and attending games when we get a chance.

Message to birth mother/parents: Thank you for considering us for adoption.  We cannot imagine what you must be feeling and experiencing during this time.  We would be grateful to meet you and your little one and be honored, if you choose, to be a part of this journey.  We are dedicated to providing a loving and supportive household and to give your child the best we have to offer.

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