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Sheyanne & Dillon

Highlights of your relationship: We are Sheyanne and Dillon and we cannot wait to share with you a little bit about our family. We have been married since 2017 and have been dreaming of becoming parents since 2018. After years of infertility, we have decided that adoption is what God has in store for our family and we could not be more ready to become parents. Adoption is something very close to both of us. We have siblings and cousins who are adopted and so we have seen first-hand the beauty of adoption. We are so excited that our child someday will have Aunties and Uncles who will be by their side and can understand what they are going through. We live on the island of Oahu in a small community on the north shore with our two french bulldogs, Manilla and Mozie. We have lived on island for 10+ years and feel so grateful that this is home. Dillon is originally from Southern California and Sheyanne is originally from Oregon. Dillon works in law and Sheyanne works as a therapist as well as a photographer. We love our jobs because they are very flexible, which will allow us to spend as much time as possible with our child without having to rely heavily on daycare. As a couple, we enjoy spending time together, traveling, being outside and hanging out with our friends and family. We absolutely love our life together. We are each others' best friend and we enjoy each moment we have together. We have always made it a priority to make the most of our circumstances and find joy in the journey. We are so excited to become parents and pass these values onto our future children. We want our parenting to be full of love, comfort and consistency. We want our future child to grow to be a hard worker, kind, loving and confident in being whoever they want to be.

Do you have other children?: No

Description of relationships with family and friends: Both Dillon and Sheyanne are very close to their families. Dillon's parents and sister live in California and we go visit 1-2 times a year. They come out to Hawaii as often as they can as well. Whenever we go and visit, we love playing board games, going to Disneyland, cooking as a family and watching movies. Sheyanne comes from a very large family. She has 6 siblings as well as 14 nieces and nephews. Her family lives in Oregon, Idaho, and Hawaii. Sheyanne was raised on a farm in Oregon and so each year, all of her siblings go back to her parents home for a few weeks to help out with the harvest. Her family enjoys talking story, having barbecues, working on the farm together and being outside. We love going back to Oregon and being the fun auntie and uncle. We look forward to the day when our child can join in on the fun. Both Dillon and Sheyanne speak to their families multiple times a week. Sheyanne's sisters that live in Hawaii come over weekly, usually on Sundays for dinner, and we love spending time together. On top of our family, we also have incredible friends here on island. Many of them have children already and so we cannot wait for our child to have a built in community from the moment they arrive.

Dillon's hobbies and interests: Dillon is a very relaxed, easy going and loving man. His perfect day would be spent entirely at the beach. He loves diving, looking for seashells, fishing and just throwing up a pop up and spending the day with family and friends at the beach until the sun goes down. Dillon loves to cook and is the main cook in our home. He loves trying new recipes as well as loves trying new foods when we travel. Dillon is a person who is happy and content no matter where he is. He loves spending time with loved ones, talking story and watching movies together.

Sheyanne's hobbies and interests: Sheyanne is very social and loves to be around people. Sheyanne loves family and friends and loves hosting get togethers or barbecues to gather all of her loved ones in one place. Her perfect day is spent outside, in her garden, reading a book or playing in the waves. She is very creative and loves photography, painting and drawing. Sheyanne loves to travel and one of her favorite hobbies is planning trips. She'll read about new places and get organized and ready to go and explore. She cannot wait to someday involve her child in all of her fun hobbies if they interest them too.

Message to birth mother/parents: For years we have dreamed of becoming parents and being able to love and support a child as they grow. We have a lot of love to give and a large extended family who are all so excited to care for another child. We have 14 nieces and nephews and we cannot wait for our child to spend time playing and exploring with cousins. As parents, we promise to love unconditionally and to always cherish and adore your child. Our main priority is that your child feels loved. We want them to feel comfortable coming to us and sharing anything. We want them to know that no matter what they do, who they are, or what is going on in their lives, we are there to support and love them. We want our children to know that their parents are people they can rely on. We promise to share with them whatever parts of their story you would like us to share. We promise to make their birth culture and history something that is talked about in our home if that is something you feel comfortable with. We will talk openly with them about adoption and help them to know how loved they have always been. We want to thank you for your bravery and courage. We can only imagine how hard this is for you, but know that we are here to support and love you however we can. We value your choice and know that you know what is best for your child. We are looking forward to the day when we can fully love and support a child as parents but until then, know that no matter your choice, we wish you and your child the very best. We know you will make the best decision for you and your child and we look forward to potentially meeting you if you feel we are the best fit. With aloha, Dillon and Sheyanne.

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