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Sophia & Thomas

Highlights of your relationship: We are a loving family of three. Tom and Sophia met at a BBQ that Tom was hosting for his Bible study group. Tom is a doctor and serves American veterans. Sophia is a stay-at-home mom and a musician. Family is our priority, and we made some major decisions in our lives to make that happen. Tom works only 4 days a week, and we enjoy our multiple dates throughout the week. We are always present to cheer on our son's games and activities. As family, we love to spend our time together playing sports, hiking, playing instruments, trying new foods, traveling, and hosting gatherings with family and friends. It is very important to us to spend quality time together every day.

Do you have other children?: Yes

If so, how many?: 1

Description of relationships with family and friends: Tom's parents live minutes from our house, and we meet them every weekend. On holidays we like to meet with Tom's uncle and cousin's family who live very close by. We also travel to California to see Sophia's family once or twice a year. We have several very close family friends here in Hawaii. We meet with them regularly to go to the beach, go hiking, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and eat delicious food together.

Parent 1 hobbies and interests: Tom enjoys playing tennis, keeping fit, building sand castles, hiking, listening to music, learning guitar, playing board games, eating new foods, grilling BBQ, and following college football.

Parent 2 hobbies and interests: Sophia enjoys teaching music, drawing, painting, sitting at the beach watching Tom and Joshua build sand castles, eating new foods, playing tennis, providing cozy environment for gatherings, and chatting with her friends.

Message to birth mother/parents: We are deeply grateful for the possibility of growing our family. We promise to bless your child with a loving home and nurturing environment with laughs and snuggles. We commit to helping your child mature into a person of character, and we look forward to providing every opportunity to help them discover his or her talents and pursue their dreams. We will pour our hearts into the baby so that they know just how loved they are. We are so thankful that you would consider us to be the family to raise your child.

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