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Send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

If you have questions and are in the early stages of pregnancy, just starting to think about options, or if you are in the final days of pregnancy and feel scared about how quickly your due date is arriving, we are ready to help. 

Please let us know anything you wish to share, send your cell number if you want a call back. Try to relax a little and know that we've got you.

You may call us at our Birth Mother Support Hotline anytime. Just click this phone number and you will be connected.

       808 636 1398

If you're ready to get started...

Please download the attached General Information Packet and Application (all services are free for birth parents). You may submit the forms electronically below, email them to, or mail/drop them off to our office at 1632 S. King St, Honolulu, HI 96826. 


You've probably heard a lot about adoption. As a licensed agency that's been helping women and children for more than 40 years, we have seen and heard a lot. It's important to us that all our clients know the truth about adoption. Hover over the myths below to see the truth. 


A really caring mother would never give up her child and you don't deserve be be a mother if you choose adoption.

A mother who unselfishly creates an adoption plan for her child is placing her child’s best interest above her own. It is an ultimate sacrifice for a mother to choose life for her child. Adoption is a caring and responsible process that is as natural and loving as parenting.


My child will hate me.

You design your own unique adoption plan, allowing you to share as little or as much information as you desire about yourself and your decision. You gave your child the gift of life, and put your child’s needs first. This will be explained to your child as he or she gets older.


Adoption is an irresponsible solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption requires a strong and responsible person. Do not feel guilty for considering adoption or think of parenting as a deserved punishment for your unplanned pregnancy. Making the choice for your child to be raised in an environment that can provide the things you are not able to at this time is very brave and responsible.


Adopted children grow up with more problems than children who are not adopted.

Adopted children do as well as or better than their non-adopted counterparts. A 1994 study by the Search Institute  concluded that adopted adolescents score higher on measures related to school, health, economics, and are less likely to engage in delinquency. Couples of adopted children are also less likely to divorce.


Nobody can love a child as much as a biological parent.

While it is true that a biological parent holds tremendous love for their child, love is not inherited. An adoptive couple’s love for your child is the result of a lot of effort and desire to be a parent. Adoptive parents have a true love and devotion to the child they adopt because they realize what a blessing it is to have a child in their lives.


I will have to say goodbye and will never hear from my child again or know how they are doing.

While this has been true in the past, today, you can create your own adoption plan which can make it possible for you to select your child’s adoptive parents and meet them. You can choose to stay in touch while your child is growing up by receiving pictures and letters, phone calls and possibly even occasional visits.


I will not get to choose the adoptive parents.

If you wish, you can choose and meet the family that will adopt your baby throughout the adoption process.


I will not be allowed to hold my baby after birth.

This is a decision that you can make. It is not made for you. The Ka Makana team will support you in whatever you choose to decide.

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